Welcome to the website of the Boeing Management Association Klown Klub!  We are managers — or rather, most of us are managers — of the greatest company in aerospace!  We know how to work hard, and we know how to play hard!  Look out for our feisty clown van if you’re in the Puget Sound area!

The Klown Klub is formed for the purpose of spreading laughter, the panacea for all man’s ills, among all mankind.  We are a part of the Boeing Management Association (BMA), and we are a non-partisan, non-profit organization.   The Klown Klub proudly supports municipal and private organizations, particularly those working with the mentally/physically challenged and the underprivileged.

Members must be in good standing of the BMA at the time proposed for membership, or Boeing employees possessing unusual qualifications that will enhance the stature and professionalism of the Klown Klub.

This site is moderated by Zippy the Klown.